Carry Your Lucky Crystal Pendulum or Cluster for Good Fortune

A crystal pendulum is the most appealing type of pendulums. Pendulums can be used for several purposes like spiritual healing fortune telling and Feng Shui. You can carry your lucky stones for good fortune. Traditionally people use a crystal pendulum for making predictions. It is the oldest technique of getting information in an intuitive manner. With the use of crystal pendulum you can be connected to divine power to ascertain relevant information. Scientifically, a pendulum reacts to electromagnetic energy that flows from all the things on earth. It is a device that hangs from a fixed point and sway freely. Crystal pendulum is tied up with wire and freely hanged for its use. If you see that pendulum is moving quickly then it indicates more energy.



Additionally a crystal cluster is a radical of crystals with several points. A crystal cluster can be small or large. It radiates energy and absorbs negativities around you. Generally it is placed in rooms for purifying purposes. It helps to induce harmony and peace in relations either personally or professionally. The clear quartz natural cluster is very popular for its healing properties. The rose quartz crystal cluster of pink color looks very attractive. It has properties to stimulate feeling of love and affection.



It is necessary to choose a suitable crystal cluster and crystal pendulum because every crystal consists of different properties. While buying a pendulum make sure it’s not heavy but it must be solid enough. Pendulums and clusters must be cleaned timely for effective results. More energized crystals provide more protection against negative vibrations.

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